Permaculture Design

A holistic design process that will help you to be more resilient, self-sufficient and live in harmony with nature rather than destroying it.

  • Do you want beautiful edible landscape?
  • Do you think that most of the food you are consuming is full of harmful chemicals and you can do better for your family?
  • Do you believe in global warming and climate change and want to do something about it?
  • Do you need an expert in helping you get the basic design for your property that will produce rather than consume resources?

If yes, then consider investing in the holistic design that we can provide for your property. No matter what the size of your plot is, we can help you to get the most out of it in the most environment friendly way possible.


Client Interaction

Requirement gathering

Defining goals



Site assessment

Identifying available resources


Notify change in goals (if any)



Sector analysis and planning

Preparing draft design

Sharing with client

Working on client feedback



Master planning

Graphical illustrations

Final presentation

Suggesting future improvements

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